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Exclusive deals in our app!

Exclusive deals in our app!

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Very Good

general rating of Avianca Airlines. Based on 18,921 reviews

  • Luggage 7.4
  • Punctuality 7.7
  • Confort 7.0
  • Cleanliness 7.7
  • Helpfulness 7.3
  • Food 5.4

News of Avianca

Avianca, the flag carrier of Colombia, is closing the year off by offering deals on flights to Guatemala and Bogota, as part of an attempt to promote direct flights between the two cities. The offer also seeks to reach out to more people so they can discover Avianca’s hub in Bogota. The airline has also increased the frequency in the routes that connect Cali and Medellin with the city of Lima by 40 and 47 percent, respectively. Avianca is aware that, in 2014, Lima became a major city for connecting to other points in the south of the continent, such as the cities of Asunción (Paraguay), Montevideo (Uruguay), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) and Porto Alegre (Brazil). Meanwhile, the air terminals in Bogota, Cali, and Medellin will be connecting flights with the northern hemisphere, to cities like Washington, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Madrid and Barcelona.

Information for your trip

Useful information before traveling

Avianca gives passengers the following advice: choose your luggage carefully, keeping in mind the measures allowed, get rid of tags from previous flights so as to avoid confusion, and identify your luggage with your personal information.

Avianca Mobile App

Avianca has one of the most advanced mobile apps in Latin America. Passengers traveling with the Colombian airline can use it to get all the information on their flight and even check in online.

LifeMile Program

Avianca’s frequent flyer program allows clients to use their accrued miles to fly with TACA and AeroGal. You can earn miles with Avianca’s air and commercial partners.

Avianca VIP Lounge

Avianca features VIP lounges in various airports throughout the world. In each one of them, the Colombian airline offers a space of relaxation and comfort for every passenger before boarding a flight.

Deals with Avianca

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