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Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines



News of Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines was one of the leading airlines in the United States, having merged with United Airlines in 2012, and currently operating as United Continental Holdings. The holding company registered a $1132 million profit during the 2014 period of operations, thus increasing its earnings by more than 98% as compared to the previous period. Since the merging of Continental and United, the conglomerate’s gains have experienced exponential growth. This is reflected in its tickets and its increasing growth in the market, not only in the United States, but also in the Atlantic coast, especially in Latin America, where the growth rate was well over 11%. Although the last quarter of the year has seen a slight fall, in part caused by the oil crisis, United Continental Holding’s performance has exceeded analysts’ expectations.

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Airline History

Continental Airlines was one of the largest US airline companies, having merged with United Airlines at the end of 2011, and finishing the operation in March 2012.

Useful information

The allowed weight and size for checked baggage was the same for both domestic and international flights: 23 kg, and 158 linear centimeters.


The company’s fleet was comprised of more than 500 airplanes. They were all Boeings, and there were different models according to the type of flight.


This major US airline featured flights to more than 250 destinations in the world, with major flights within the United States and Canada.

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