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general rating of Lufthansa. Based on 954 reviews

  • Luggage 7.1
  • Punctuality 7.0
  • Confort 6.5
  • Cleanliness 7.3
  • Helpfulness 7.0
  • Food 6.1


Lufthansa and Despegar provide the flight you need to relax and rest or to live a fantastic adventure. Discover a lot of great offers for cheap flights so you can get to your destination and enjoy your trip the way you like it. And if you still don't know where to travel in your next vacation, let us show you some of the best Lufthansa flight promotions. These offers may be your inspiration to explore new places. You may even find a new favorite destination. On this page you'll also find comment of other real passengers, just as you, who have already used the Lufthansa services. Besides, here you'll find a complete list about the airline company so that you can evaluate all the details that might interest you; such as baggage handling, punctuality, comfort inside the airplanes, cleaning, crew kindness and food. All the information you need to make the reservation is at your reach. If you don't intend to travel right away, but are interested in getting all the cheap flight offers, insert your email address at the page bottom to receive exclusive Lufthansa promotions with Despegar. Start packing your bags and be excited to make the trip of your dreams.

Tips for your trip with Lufthansa


Depending on your destination and on the Lufthansa rules, you'll have to present different documentation to travel. Besides the passport, visa or vaccine certification, check if you need other type of documentation to be able to travel.


Some airline companies either offer online check-in or check-in at the airport, while others charge extra if you don't choose the standard option. Check this information with Lufthansa to know how to make your check-in.


Check the size and weight baggage limits of Lufthansa. They may change depending on the airline company and vary according to the overhead bin or baggage compartment. Besides, make sure you're not taking forbidden items in your hand baggage.

Arriving at the airport

For international travels with Lufthansa arrive at the airport with at least 3 hours in advance to avoid delays and to go through the boarding procedures. For national flights, we recommend you to arrive one hour and a half in advance.