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Exclusive deals in our app!

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US Airways

US Airways



News of US Airways

US Airways is one of the airlines that most invests in services and amenities for passengers on board. Flying has never been such a pleasant experience for those who can afford a first class ticket, but at US Airways, the staff works daily to provide each one of its clients with the best service in the market. In international business class, for example, the airline has turned seats into full beds. At the same time, US Airways flights are best known for the excellent meals served on board, like the grilled fish with herbs sauce, jasmine rice, grilled carrots and asparagus entrée.

Information for your trip


The company is a member of the Star Alliance and it operates in 195 cities and over 30 countries. Its main hubs are Phoenix, Charlotte and Philadelphia airports.


US Airways has a fleet of 340 aircraft, including 10 Boeing 767’s and 16 Airbus A330’s. The rest of its airplanes are narrow-bodies: 250 Airbuses, 32 Boeing 737’s and 24 Boeing 757ER’s.

On-Board Services

In US Airways’ economy class, you can choose your courtesy appetizers, as well as special meals, or upgrade your meal to premium.

On-Board Entertainment

US Airways has a great collection of films, television shows, and music as its on-board entertainment options. Fun is guaranteed for all with US Airways.

Deals with US Airways

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