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7.77.7 de 10

Very Good

User rating to Unidas based on: 9004 comments

  • Attention7.7
  • Waiting time7
  • Conditions7.7
  • Information7.5
  • Vehicle8
  • Vehicle operation8.3
Effortless experience.
It was a good experience.
The hotel is located in a small room hidden inside a hotel, it took me a long time to find because there is no information inside or outside the hotel. After i hunt and find the person, i was forced to pay a package that cost me twice the amount and when i said i would cancel, i was informed that i would lose the reservation amount. At no time was i informed about the miles limits, to my understanding the mileage was free and even so it was triggered by "car 4 less" in 500 dollars besides the rental costs. I am very unhappy with this situation and i will activate my lawyer. The embarrassment is great.
Was a really good experiences

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Unidas is a car rental company that has presence all over Brazil, with a fleet of over 30 thousand vehicles and 300 thousand clients across the country. In 2011, it incorporated other companies such as Fundos de Investimentos, Kinea, and Vinci Partners, which has allowed it to continue growing. Unidas not only rents out cars to individuals, but it also offers whole fleets to businesses, as well as selling used and semi-new cars. Additionally, it has branches in Brazil’s main airports in order to guarantee car availability in any corner of the country. For these reasons, Unidas is one of the leading car rental companies in Brazil.

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  • The latest technology

    Every one of Unidas’ vehicle has a GPS nagivation system with updated information so that you can travel all over Brazil without a problem. Travel wherever you want with Unidas.

  • Things to keep in mind

    In case you want to add a designated driver, bear in mind that the same rules that apply for the first driver also apply for the additional driver, who must be present at the signing of the contract.

  • Useful information

    You must be 21 years or older to rent a car with Unidas, as well you must have a driver’s license with no less than two years of validity, and a credit card under your name. As is the case with other car rental companies, Unidas reserves the right to refuse services if these requirements are not met, or if the driver is considered dangerous.

  • Extra services

    Unidas Rent a Car provides special car seats for those traveling with children. It offers infant seats for babies, children ages 1 through 4, and special seats for children ages 5 through 7.